We Have A Huge Selection To Choose From

Because we know everybody has a different style

Everyone Has Their Preferred Style

Are you looking for a focal point in your home? Somewhere that will draw your guests in, and create easy conversation?
Are you looking for a unit that is felt but not so much seen?

There Is A Heating Unit for Everyone.

Heating units come in 3 major variations:


(designed to simply stand-alone)


(designed to “insert” into an older fireplace)


(designed to be framed into the wall)


We Offer A Variety of Styles

Which is why knowing your preferred fuel source, and the size of unit needed to provided the expected heat, before looking into the style is so important.

For Example

Medium Wood stove A

Stove A: Medium Wood Stove Lopi Evergreen Pictured with Legs Standard Ash Pan No Optional Blower

Medium Wood Stove B

Stove B: Medium Wood Stove Lopi Evergreen Pictured with Pedestal Standard Ash Pan With Optional Blower

While the above example is one of the most common examples to draw from, a free-standing wood burning unit has it’s own set of options that can change the way the unit looks, and well costs, but more on cost later… One way to see the wide variety of styles is to visit our showroom, if you are unable to visit the showroom we do have a virtual tour available right here on the home page.

However, our showroom undergoes changes frequently. As we here at Orley’s strive to maintain the largest viewable selection of units in Southern Oregon. We encourage you to visit the showroom in person and see the variety for yourself.

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