Unit Size

To start the first question we ask our customers is what is the square footage you want to heat with a new unit?

This answer allows us to find the appropriate sized unit for your needs as almost every fuel source will come with three major size ranges.

Small Units

Small heating units on average provide heating for homes up to 1,000 Sq Ft.

Medium Units

Medium heating units on average provide heating for homes up to 1,600 Sq Ft.

Large Units

Large heating units on average provide heating for homes 2,000 Sq Ft an up.

The Questions to Start With:

Do you have a brand-new home with great insulation?
If the answer to this question is YES then please proceed

Is your home older with not so great insulation?
Do you have vaulted ceilings?
Does your home have a lot of windows (are they old windows)?
Are you intending to heat the entirety of the home with this one source?

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is purchasing a heating unit that does not provide the heat as effectively as you expect, while we here at Orley’s do our very best to ensure our customers are fully informed on the aspects of the units they are interested in, we also work hand in hand with our certified installers at our sister company Oregon Heating and Repair,  who provide free estimates to our customers to ensure that the unit they are looking to purchase will accommodate the space and provide the heat the customer wishes to achieve.

If even after all these processes are complete, if the unit you purchased is just not right for you, the unit can be returned to Orley’s within 6 (six) months. The only exception to this is a unit that has been specially ordered those will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The returned unit will provide the customer with in-store credit to be utilized for the purchase of a larger/different unit that will meet your needs more effectively.

Please keep in mind while determining size of unit that heating back rooms and hallways (with minimal circulation) is almost impossible with only one heat source*

**Food for thought is that if you answer yes to most of these, we suggest that you increase the units heating level by about 50% to reach a more appropriate heater for your needs**

***Please be aware that a returned units In-Store Credit will only apply to a larger/different unit, the credit will not apply to any labor costs, or difference in materials needed to install the new unit, those costs will be separate***